Esperance Tjaltjaark Native Title Aboriginal Corporation (ETNTAC), an indigenous corporation; is an incorporated organization and a registered native title body corporate established to represent the traditional owners and their interests; the land and waters in the Esperance region, on behalf of the Esperance Nyungar People.

Is to work for our people, our land, our seas and our culture to create benefits for individuals and for the community as a whole…as guided by the laws and customs handed down by our ancestors.

ETNTAC holds native title rights and interests as the agent on behalf of the Esperance Nyungar People and carries out activities to provide for the long-term social, cultural and financial well-being of the native title holders.

Our core values are derived from our relationship to our (land and sea) country,
and from the laws and customs passed down from our elders.
We value our country which has sustained us over many thousands of years and is our connection to our past.
We value our culture as knowledge that can help us build a future for our children.
We value our community and the benefits of working together to achieve our aspirations.